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The Way I Feel

Larry Haverstock

Since the earliest days of Abel and Job,

Giants of faith have walked on the globe.

Men who served God with all of their hearts,

Courageously playing out each of their parts.

Suffering greatly, yet pressing right on,

Scanning the skies for Heaven's bright dawn.

Determined and brave, unwavering, strong,

Steadfast and devoted when things went wrong.

Ignoring detractors and praying for all, Listening only to God's gospel call.

These are the men who lead us the best.

These are the men who surpass the rest.

Abram believed and Moses brought law.

Setting examples without any flaw.

Joshua, Gideon, wielded the sword.

Valiantly fighting the wars of the Lord.

Poets and Prophets like David and Joel,

With songs and verse encourage the soul. Ezra the Priest and Josiah the King,

These are the men of whom we will sing.

But life is a vapor, a mist in the morn.

Man heads for the grave the day he is born.

The prophets have vanished, gone like a dream. Long since departed and left the world's scene.

The giants of old have all passed away.

Have we no heroes to guide us today?

To whom may we turn for examples in life?

ho has endured and conquered the strife?

Where is a man whose example is true? Where is a man to guide me and you?

Where is the man of whom we may say, There stands a Christian. He knows the way."

Fear not my dear friend, nothing is lost.

There yet lives a man who counted the cost.

One humble man who paid the full price.

One gospel preacher with a sage's advice.

In Arizona a preacher does pray,

Like John the Baptizer in a desert today.

The life of faith he practices daily

And who is that man? He's Homer Hailey. 

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