She said moreover unto him, We have both straw and provender enough, and room to lodge in.
Genesis 18:4-8
"Please let a little water be brought and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under the tree;
and I will bring a piece of bread, that you may refresh yourselves; after that you may go on, since you have visited your servant." And they said, "So do, as you have said."
So Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah, and said, "Quickly, prepare three measures of fine flour, knead [it] and make bread cakes."
Abraham also ran to the herd, and took a tender and choice calf and gave [it] to the servant, and he hurried to prepare it.
He took curds and milk and the calf which he had prepared, and placed [it] before them; and he was standing by them under the tree as they ate.
Judges 19:19-21
"Yet there is both straw and fodder for our donkeys, and also bread and wine for me, your maidservant, and the young man who is with your servants; there is no lack of anything."
The old man said, "Peace to you. Only let me [take care of] all your needs; however, do not spend the night in the open square."
So he took him into his house and gave the donkeys fodder, and they washed their feet and ate and drank.
Isaiah 32:8
But the noble man devises noble plans; And by noble plans he stands.
1 Peter 4:9
Be hospitable to one another without complaint.