A. M. cir. 2180. B.C. cir. 1824. Sheba
1 Kings 10:1
Now when the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to test him with difficult questions.
Job 6:19
"The caravans of Tema looked, The travelers of Sheba hoped for them.
Psalm 72:10
Let the kings of Tarshish and of the islands bring presents; The kings of Sheba and Seba offer gifts.
Jeremiah 25:23
and Dedan, Tema, Buz and all who cut the corners [of their hair];
Jeremiah 49:8
"Flee away, turn back, dwell in the depths, O inhabitants of Dedan, For I will bring the disaster of Esau upon him At the time I punish him.
Ezekiel 25:13
therefore thus says the Lord GOD, "I will also stretch out My hand against Edom and cut off man and beast from it. And I will lay it waste; from Teman even to Dedan they will fall by the sword.
Ezekiel 27:20
"Dedan traded with you in saddlecloths for riding.
2 Samuel 2:9
He made him king over Gilead, over the Ashurites, over Jezreel, over Ephraim, and over Benjamin, even over all Israel.
Ezekiel 27:6
"Of oaks from Bashan they have made your oars; With ivory they have inlaid your deck of boxwood from the coastlands of Cyprus.