And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? bless me, even me also, O my father. And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept.
Genesis 27:34
When Esau heard the words of his father, he cried out with an exceedingly great and bitter cry, and said to his father, "Bless me, [even] me also, O my father!"
Genesis 27:36
Then he said, "Is he not rightly named Jacob, for he has supplanted me these two times? He took away my birthright, and behold, now he has taken away my blessing." And he said, "Have you not reserved a blessing for me?"
Genesis 49:28
All these are the twelve tribes of Israel, and this is what their father said to them when he blessed them. He blessed them, every one with the blessing appropriate to him.
Proverbs 1:24-26
"Because I called and you refused, I stretched out my hand and no one paid attention;
And you neglected all my counsel And did not want my reproof;
I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your dread comes,
Isaiah 32:10-12
Within a year and [a few] days You will be troubled, O complacent [daughters]; For the vintage is ended, [And] the [fruit] gathering will not come.
Tremble, you [women] who are at ease; Be troubled, you complacent [daughters]; Strip, undress and put [sackcloth] on [your] waist,
Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine,
Isaiah 65:14
"Behold, My servants will shout joyfully with a glad heart, But you will cry out with a heavy heart, And you will wail with a broken spirit.
Hebrews 12:17
For you know that even afterwards, when he desired to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought for it with tears.