Psalm 30:9
"What profit is there in my blood, if I go down to the pit? Will the dust praise You? Will it declare Your faithfulness?
Psalm 88:10-12
Will You perform wonders for the dead? Will the departed spirits rise [and] praise You? Selah.
Will Your lovingkindness be declared in the grave, Your faithfulness in Abaddon?
Will Your wonders be made known in the darkness? And Your righteousness in the land of forgetfulness?
Psalm 115:17
The dead do not praise the LORD, Nor [do] any who go down into silence;
Psalm 118:17
I will not die, but live, And tell of the works of the LORD.
Isaiah 38:18
"For Sheol cannot thank You, Death cannot praise You; Those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your faithfulness.
Isaiah 38:19
"It is the living who give thanks to You, as I do today; A father tells his sons about Your faithfulness.
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Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatever your hand finds to do, do [it] with [all] your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.
John 9:4
"We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.