And the temple and the sanctuary had two doors.
1 Kings 6:31-35
For the entrance of the inner sanctuary he made doors of olive wood, the lintel [and] five-sided doorposts.
So [he made] two doors of olive wood, and he carved on them carvings of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers, and overlaid them with gold; and he spread the gold on the cherubim and on the palm trees.
So also he made for the entrance of the nave four-sided doorposts of olive wood
and two doors of cypress wood; the two leaves of the one door turned on pivots, and the two leaves of the other door turned on pivots.
He carved [on it] cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers; and he overlaid [them] with gold evenly applied on the engraved work.
2 Chronicles 4:22
and the snuffers, the bowls, the spoons and the firepans of pure gold; and the entrance of the house, its inner doors for the holy of holies and the doors of the house, [that is], of the nave, of gold.