Ezekiel 41:2-5
The width of the entrance [was] ten cubits and the sides of the entrance [were] five cubits on each side. And he measured the length of the nave, forty cubits, and the width, twenty cubits.
Then he went inside and measured each side pillar of the doorway, two cubits, and the doorway, six cubits [high]; and the width of the doorway, seven cubits.
He measured its length, twenty cubits, and the width, twenty cubits, before the nave; and he said to me, "This is the most holy [place]."
Then he measured the wall of the temple, six cubits; and the width of the side chambers, four cubits, all around about the house on every side.
Ezekiel 41:15-5
Ezekiel 40:6-16
Then he went to the gate which faced east, went up its steps and measured the threshold of the gate, one rod in width; and the other threshold [was] one rod in width.
The guardroom [was] one rod long and one rod wide; and [there were] five cubits between the guardrooms. And the threshold of the gate by the porch of the gate facing inward [was] one rod.
Then he measured the porch of the gate facing inward, one rod.
He measured the porch of the gate, eight cubits; and its side pillars, two cubits. And the porch of the gate was faced inward.
The guardrooms of the gate toward the east [numbered] three on each side; the three of them had the same measurement. The side pillars also had the same measurement on each side.
And he measured the width of the gateway, ten cubits, and the length of the gate, thirteen cubits.
[There was] a barrier [wall] one cubit [wide] in front of the guardrooms on each side; and the guardrooms [were] six cubits [square] on each side.
He measured the gate from the roof of the one guardroom to the roof of the other, a width of twenty-five cubits from [one] door to [the] door opposite.
He made the side pillars sixty cubits [high]; the gate [extended] round about to the side pillar of the courtyard.
[From] the front of the entrance gate to the front of the inner porch of the gate [was] fifty cubits.
[There were] shuttered windows [looking] toward the guardrooms, and toward their side pillars within the gate all around, and likewise for the porches. And [there were] windows all around inside; and on [each] side pillar [were] palm tree ornaments.