the city
Ezekiel 48:15-18
"The remainder, 5,000 [cubits] in width and 25,000 in length, shall be for common use for the city, for dwellings and for open spaces; and the city shall be in its midst.
"These [shall be] its measurements: the north side 4,500 [cubits], the south side 4,500 [cubits], the east side 4,500 [cubits], and the west side 4,500 [cubits].
"The city shall have open spaces: on the north 250 [cubits], on the south 250 [cubits], on the east 250 [cubits], and on the west 250 [cubits].
"The remainder of the length alongside the holy allotment shall be 10,000 [cubits] toward the east and 10,000 toward the west; and it shall be alongside the holy allotment. And its produce shall be food for the workers of the city.
Ezekiel 48:30-35
"These are the exits of the city: on the north side, 4,500 [cubits] by measurement,
shall be the gates of the city, named for the tribes of Israel, three gates toward the north: the gate of Reuben, one; the gate of Judah, one; the gate of Levi, one.
"On the east side, 4,500 [cubits], shall be three gates: the gate of Joseph, one; the gate of Benjamin, one; the gate of Dan, one.
"On the south side, 4,500 [cubits] by measurement, shall be three gates: the gate of Simeon, one; the gate of Issachar, one; the gate of Zebulun, one.
"On the west side, 4,500 [cubits, shall be] three gates: the gate of Gad, one; the gate of Asher, one; the gate of Naphtali, one.
"[The city shall be] 18,000 [cubits] round about; and the name of the city from [that] day [shall be], 'The LORD is there.'"