By: Mike Riley

 Have you ever planned a big event? Births, weddings, and graduations are big events in our lives. They require planning and are time-consuming. We plan to the very last detail. We expect the very best. Have you ever thought of reading God’s word as a big event? Really big? In Nehemiah, all of Israel assembled to hear the reading from the book of the law. They stayed from daybreak till noon.

The Scripture says “And all the people listened attentively to the Book of the Law” (Nehemiah 8:3 NIV). In our approach to worship, whether personal or corporate, we can come with eager anticipation of God’s message. The Israelites wept, lifted their hands, and praised the Lord (Nehemiah 8:5-6). Then their eyes were opened to the true meaning. They gained understanding and joy.

If we come with eager anticipation to learn about God’s life-changing, life-giving message, then our eyes will be opened to His understanding and His joy. View each day of prayer and study as a big event. Then let’s plan and prepare. Let’s expect the very best from God, and we will not be disappointed.